(Middle School)

Ignite is designed to teach adolescents and young adults (ages 12—16) with disabilities the skills necessary to become active participants in designing their futures. Through self-exploration, knowledge development and hands-on practice, the Ignite curriculum actively builds the mindset and skills necessary for students to become self-advocates. This self-advocacy training will benefit students in a variety of settings including their transition to high school, IEP meetings and Transition meetings.
This comprehensive program consists of eight lessons designed to be taught during a 45-50 minute instructional period. Each lesson engages students in active cross-curricular learning through the use of a variety of instructional methods, including: multimedia presentations, personal inventories, hands-on activities, games, class discussions, and small group work.

Learning Objectives

Session 1: Introduction to Ignite

Session 2: Discovering Your Personality Style

Session 3: Accommodations & Modifications

Session 4: Goal Setting & Transition Plans

Session 5: Finding Your Communication Style

Session 6: Perfecting Your Study Skills

Session 7: Exploring Careers

Session 8: Ignite Review & Wrap-Up

Requirements Met

Ignite is designed to meet the needs of a variety of audiences and fulfill multiple state and/or federal requirements.
Public School Districts: Ignite helps public schools ensure they are successfully meeting both Indicator 13 and Transition Plan requirements as set forth in the IDEA 2004.
Centers for Independent Living (CILs): Ignite helps CILs ensure they are meeting the Transition Core requirements.


  • Curriculum Bundle
  • $500
  • Includes: Teacher Manual, 10 Student Portfolios, 1 Flash Drive*
    *includes handouts and activities, as well as any video clips are included on the Ignite Materials Flash Drive
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  • Student Portfolios
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  • Additional Flash Drives
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  • Handouts and activities, as well as any video clips are included on the Ignite Materials Flash Drive
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“In recent weeks, I’ve heard a 4th grade girl share with a staff member that because of this program ‘I have learned how it feels to be in someone’s shoes that have a disability’.”

Sean MonahanPrincipal, Jean McNair Elementary

This curriculum is a wonderful way to introduce students to life after high school. It is clearly laid out in a professional, workable, and presentable manner. T’NT provides students with high functioning disabilities with valuable information on educational opportunities, employment information, budgets, and independent living. I would recommend this program to any school district looking to empower their students and prepare them for post-school activities.

Megan N.Teacher, Hononegah High School, Rockton, IL

Many of my students feel more comfortable sharing some of their invisible disabilities with their classmates, which I believe is directly related to the lessons taught through OnRAMP’s curriculum, iBelong as they know that all students now have a basic understanding of how to treat others.

Tracy S.4th Grade Teacher, Poplar Grove Elementary, Poplar Grove, IL

T’NT helps expose students to what life is like post high school. I especially liked the mock interviews and how it benefited the students.

Chuck S.Teacher, Guilford High School, Rockford, IL

“Meeting real people with disabilities really provides many teachable and memorable moments.”

4th Grade TeacherJean McNair Elementary

I find that the T’NT curriculum coincides very well with the textbook we use each day in our class. I also find the variety of topics, technology and community partners to be helpful in having the students grasp the concepts we are teaching.

Ryan M.Teacher, East High School, Rockford, IL

I liked T’NT. It helped by bringing in different people to talk about subjects I need to know about for my future.

Lamarion G.Student

“I think the dyslexia lesson gave students a good understanding of the struggle people with this disability go through.”

4th Grade TeacherJean McNair Elementary

The topics we have talked about are very helpful and will pay off later.

Corbin R.Student

“I liked learning more about the different conditions like ADHD and autism. It was educational and fun! And I also learned some sign language!”

Claire4th Grade Student, Jean McNair Elementary

“Having students look at their IEP accommodations and understand what they are is really helpful to them.”

Jayme BoggessTeacher, Belvidere South Middle School